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The cadivi brand as well as other types of electrical wires are now widely used. And most users do not fully understand Cadivi wire specifications, prices and symbols of Cadivi power cords. So today, Viet Duc Scrap collection company will share with customers some information about the specifications of electrical wires – these types of civil wires to help you know the current cadivi wire. How many types are there now and you should choose which one suits your requirements..

As well as you should know the technical statistics to be able to calculate and trade scrap copper in the most accurate way.


Electrical wire symbols, wire parameters

Currently, the types of civil wires on the market include many types, you can see the table of cadivi power cables below to know the basic difference between them.

1, Symbols of 4-phase electric wire and cable:

0.6/1kV Cu/XLPE/PVC 3Cx50+1Cx25mm

+ 0.6/1kV ie the voltage level of the cable. According to IEC: Uo/U(Um)

U: is the rated voltage at power frequency (50Hz) between the conductors of the cable (phase voltage) that the cable is designed to withstand.

Uo: is the rated voltage at power frequency (50Hz) between the conductor of the cable and earth or to the metallic sheath (screen) the cable is designed to withstand.

Um: Maximum voltage the cable can withstand

In the above case Uo= 0.6kV; U=1KV– XLPE: That is, the insulation between the phases of the cable is XLPE . insulation

– Cu: Symbol of copper-PVC cable: PVC sheath (outer layer of XLPE) 3Cx50 + 1Cx25: Wire with 4 cores (03 phase wires with cross section of 50mm2, and 01 neutral wire with cross section of 25mm2)

cadivi . power cord

2. Other cable symbols on electric wires and cables:

– Cable 0.6/1kV Cu/XLPE-Sc/PVC 4mm2x3cXLPE-Sc: Sc (metal screen for copper cable core)

– Cable 0.6/1kV Cu/XLPE-SB/PVC 1.5mm2x4CXLPE-SB: SB (Copper mesh anti-interference layer)

– 0.6/1kV ABC 50mm2x4CABC: Twisted aluminum cable

– Cu-Mica/XLPE/PVC cable 25mm2x1CCu-Mica: Cu (copper), Mica (mica tape)

– Cable 0.6/1kV Cu/XLPE/PVC/DSTA/PVCDSTA: Armored with 2 layers of aluminum tape (usually used for 1-core cables) – Double Aluminum tape Armored

– ACSR cable 50/8mm2:ACSR: It is a composite wire consisting of aluminum wires outside responsible for conducting electricity, steel core fiber inside is subjected to tension of 50/8mm2 wire: It means 50mm2 aluminum cross-section, cross-sectional area. steel core 8mm2

– Cable 0.6/1kV Cu/XLPE/LSFH 1.5mm2x4CLSFH: Low smoke Free Halogen Cable

cadivi . cablecadivi . cable

3. Symbols on wires and cables are: CXV-4×1.5 (4×7/0.52-0.6/1kV)

– CXV:

+ Letter C indicates the name of the manufacturing material: A = Aluminum; C = copper or F = Iron…

+ The X, the 2nd and 3rd letters are the names of the insulating materials: X = mineral insulation, V = mesh Polyethylene insulation.

– 4×1.5 : That is, a 4-core cable with each core has a cross section of 1.5mm2.

– 0.6/1kV : 0.6 : This type of wire is for low voltage network, 1kV : Means that the insulation of the enclosure has been tested for insulation at a voltage of 1kVUser-Agent: AhrefsBotDisallow: /

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– 4×7/0.52 : That is, a 4-core cable, each core is braided with 7 strands, each strand has a diameter of 0.52mm. The way to convert is as follows: Total diameter DT = 0.52 * square root of 7 = 1.38mm. S = (T squared multiplied by pi)/4 = 1.5mm2.

Looking at the table above, you can calculate how many meters in 1 coil? How many kg is 1m of electric wire?

Types of cadivi cables on the market today

cable cadivi 1.5

cadivi power cable 2.5

cadivi 4.0 . power cord

1 core copper wire

3 core power cord

cable cadivi 2.5

cadivi 6.0 . power cord

cadivi . 3 phase power cord

You want to know how many types of cadivi wire. You can see how many we have listed above.. and so many different varieties we can’t name them all.

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About cadivi . electric wire

Cadivi electric wire is also denoted CADIVI including CV Cable – CVV Cable – CVV/DSTA Cable… they are known as Vietnam electric cable joint stock company which has been established since 1975 with more than 44 years of construction and development. , the quality of CADIVI power cables has been proven to consumers by experience and proves that Vietnamese products have also reached a standard that is trustworthy and worthy of use.

Cable CadiviCadivi electrical wire is a popular product after being discarded and purchased at a high price by purchasing companies.

The Cadivi line of power cables has been popularly and widely used today because of its many outstanding and outstanding features that create trust and prestige for consumers.

  • Extremely good electrical conductivity.
  • Highest electrical insulation.
  • The models are rich and varied.
  • Cadivi power cables save maximum power.

What is Cadivi Electric Wire?

Cadivi power cable for more than 40 years, is a national conductive material trusted and widely used by most customers. Also known by another name is coaxial cable. Coaxial cable is a high-class electrical cable with a conductive core wrapped by a non-conducting dielectric, wrapped around a thin metal braid. , the outermost is covered by an insulating sheath. The word coaxial comes from the fact that all layers of the cable share the same geometric axis. Coaxial cable was invented by British mathematician and engineer Oliver Heaviside, patented in 1880 as a breakthrough. of conductive fiber manufacturing technology.

How many types of cadivi power cords are there?

The main types of cadivi power cords are: day dien cadivi 1.5, day dien cadivi 2.5, caddivi ​​3.5 wire; 4.0 ; day dien cadivi 5.0, day dien cadivi 2.0, day dien cadivi 6.0…

Cadivi power cables include 11 different product categories including:

– Wires.– Power cables.– Data transmission cables, power cords for cars and motorcycles.

– Medium voltage cables.– galvanometer cables, multiplex cables.– Control cables, waterproof cables.– Bare conductors (copper and aluminum).– Flame retardant cables, flame retardant cables.– Conduit and conduit accessories. – Electromagnetic wire; twisted pair cable (ABC).– Export products…

Besides, Cadivi distributes to the market, including some typical Cadivi electric wires as follows:

– Power cable with copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath: CVV 2, 3, 4 core – Power cable with copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath: CVV (3+1) core – Power cable with copper core, insulation PXLE power, PVC sheath:CXV 1, 2, 3, 4 cores– Copper core power cable, PXLE insulation, PVC sheath:CXV (3+1) core– Copper core power cable, PVC insulation, armored PVC sheath 2 layers with CVV/DATA 1, 2, 3, 4 cores – Power cable with copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath with 2 layers of CVV/DSTA (3+1) core – Medium voltage cable with copper core: CXV, CXV /S, CXV/SE/DSTA 12/20(24)kV– Aluminum core power cable, XPLE insulation, PVC sheath: AXV 1, 2, 3, 4 core– PVC insulated galvanometer cable, PVC sheath. C, Cm twisted bare copper wire – Control cable with copper conductor, PVC insulation, PVC sheath of all kinds – Low voltage power cable 2 cores 1.5 mm diameter, copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath – Single core low voltage power cable diameter 1.5 mm, copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath.– Low voltage power cable 3 cores with 2.5 mm core diameter + 1 core core with 1.6 mm diameter core, copper core, PVC insulation, PVC sheath.– Low voltage power cable with armor protection with 2 copper cores, PVC insulation with PVC sheath protection. – Low voltage power cable with 1 core protective armor, copper core, PVC insulation with protective aluminum tape armor , PVC sheath.– Low voltage power cable with 1 copper core, XLPE insulation, PVC sheath.– Aluminum core power cable, XPLE insulation, PVC sheath, AXV/DATA, AXV/DSTA tape armor: 1, 2, 3, 4 cores– Aluminum core medium voltage cable AXV, AXV/S, AXV/SE/DSTA 12/20(24)Kv; AsXV– CV/FR, CXV/FR 1, 2, 3, 4 fireproof power cable; (3+1) core– CXV/FRT 1, 2, 3, 4 fire retardant power cable; (3+1) intestines

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Cadivi copper wire is PVC coated for civil electrical equipment. This type of wire is often used to install in load-bearing and leak-proof pipes at fixed positions on walls, ceilings and floors. In addition, this type of wire can also be installed in the wall, in the ceiling and floor; or buried in the ground. Cadivi cable without sheath, soft copper core, PVC insulation 105°C This type of wire is designed using lead-free (LF) materials, safe to operate even with conductor temperatures up to 105 °C (HR), high flexibility.

The cable is suitable for use in control panel systems, household electrical appliances, televisions, consoles, as well as as connection wires in equipment, installation in flexible protective conduit, for motors and transformers. pressure; supply voltage up to 0.6/1 kV.

Every customer when buying, selling and using electrical cable equipment wants to find a reputable brand with a reasonable purchase price. However, Cadivi power cords have many types to serve the maximum needs of consumers. Thanks to that diversity and richness, Cadivi power cable products always innovate technology in accordance with the product selection criteria with affordable prices for users.


Specifications of cadivi . power cordSpecifications of Cadivi . power cord

Buying old Cadivi power cordsBuying old Cadivi power cords


Cu: symbol for copper core materialPVC: insulating material Polyvinyl chloride sheath polyvinyl chlorideDATA: aluminum double-tape armor (applicable to single-core cables)E: grounding class20A: 20 amps is the maximum multi1P, 2P, 3P: respectively 1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase XLPE: material used for insulation between the phases of the wire (single-phase current usually does not have this symbol) MCCB – circuit-breaker block: used to cut large circuits up to 80KA (for residential electricity, it is a total ground circuit breaker) low weight).

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You can refer to the current price of cadivi wire at the latest scrap price list in 2020 here.

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Currently in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general, there are many different agents and shops that provide services of copper scrap collection, general scrap collection, and old Cadivi electrical wire collection. However, it is difficult to find a reputable and high-priced electrical cable trading address. One of the addresses that many customers trust and happily put their trust in is Viet Duc Scrap. Our company has three generations of buying electronic bottles, many years of experience in the business of buying and selling old wires, the items we buy are always at the right price and are committed to the fastest delivery to customers in a timely manner.

1 meter of electric wire how many kg? how to calculate excluding wire sheath

Many of our customers also ask the same, Actually there is a conversion formula, but the old and intact newness of copper cables leads to not being as accurate as the formula anymore. Therefore, when purchasing large quantities of copper wire from customers, we often use a machine to cut it out to 1 meter and then weigh it accurately so that customers can rest assured about calculating the conversion. If you have goods. If you don’t know how to calculate how to correctly subtract latex, or change 1 meter of wire into how many kilograms, please call us to buy high-priced old power cables through the following channels:


Hotline:– 0946396616 (A Minh) – 0946396616 (Mr. Nghia)

Email: [email protected]


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